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watercolor & acrylic paintings


Painting is a passion I rediscovered two years ago (2016). Not that painting is new to me, but it was just somehow placed aside.

As a child, I already had this interest and passion for drawing and painting. My favorite subject in elementary school was Music & Art – not that I was good in music, but just that I was better in arts. I never got bored during our ART lessons. I drew and painted whenever there was opportunity. Crayons and watercolor were my favorite companions when I was alone.

I never had any formal art or painting education, though I do try to learn, get inspired and improved myself through reading, watching videos on various art techniques, colors, painting materials and related media.

My painting style is varied – almost often with a bit of abstract impression, at times outlined, and/or with spatters which sometimes appear to be exaggerated.

Nature is my favorite subject matter in paintings – landscapes, mountains, waterfalls, trees, lakes.

Except for acrylic paints, papers and canvases, all the painting materials I use for now are those my father in-law used during his time. Kind of interesting and fascinating painting experience for me, sort of, “Imagine! I am using these materials which are even older than I am!”

Here in my shop, my artworks are for the time being mostly watercolor on paper. I do not sell the original works in watercolor. But I do sell prints of my selected watercolor paintings.

The signature “owie nd” or “owie n delfter” or simply ”rnd” can be found on my paintings.

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Rowena “Owie” Nepomuceno-Delfter
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